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MakeUp Strictly for BrownGurls!

Hello BrownGurls, what’s good! I hope you all are happy and healthy! I wanted to share with you my new found obsession…..Juvia’s Place makeup!

I don’t know how on earth I have not heard about this product until now, but needless to say, it has gone under my radar. That said, I’ve placed an order (a ‘few’ orders, to be exact) and have received a number of their products – several eyeshadow palettes, foundation, concealer, etc.

Can I say, I absolutely L.O.V.E. their products! The eyeshadow colors are intense and rich; very pigmented! They are also a little creamier than the usual eyeshadow, which is often very powdery. The foundation says it is full coverage and trust, it most definitely is FULL COVERAGE! A little goes a

long way with this product. You do not need to pack it on. I was amazed how well a small pea-sized amount of this foundation literally covered 50% of my face!

If you are wondering, no, I was not paid to give this review. In fact, the folks at Juvia’s Place have no idea that I even exist! (LOL) That said, I’m perfectly okay with that. What I would like to say is “thank you” Juvia’s Place for creating a makeup product that goes so well with brown skin.

BrownGurls, if you have not heard about Juvia’s Place makeup, visit them online at If you have heard of them and have not yet given them a try, please don’t waste another minute!

Oh, and let me not forget to tell you how affordable they are – several color options and combos to create that unique look that’s all your own and at a very reasonable price!

That said, Juvia’s Place makeup is “BrownGurl-approved”!


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