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"Lockdown Skin" is a Thing!

Hello BrownGurls! I hope everyone is still happy and healthy during this stressful time! Having said that, are any of you experiencing changes in your skin, eyes, nails, hair, etc. as a result of the pandemic lockdown? Me too!

It would seem that our bodies, as well as our minds, are craving the elements of the outside environment – fresh air, sun, wind…human interaction! (sigh) I’ve been in the house approximately 90% percent of the time, since the mandatory lockdown in mid-March with the exception of walking the dog and restocking grocery and household and personal hygiene items.

So what physical changes have I experienced during the lockdown? For one, I've literally had to change my foundation twice, since being in the house all day and all night! It would seem I have lost what little color I did have from being outside every day, which wasn’t much because we were still in the winter season when the lockdown began. It’s kind of reminiscent of the sadness you feel when summer has ended and winter is in full gear, as you watch your tan lines slowly fade, along with the beautiful sun-kissed hue you had from the summer!

I’ve also noticed that my hair is a tad bit drier and my nails are not growing as quickly as they once did. Now mind you, my diet has not changed. I still pretty much eat the same way I did before and maybe now a little less, since I have the ability to literally eat whenever I want, so I tend to actually eat less? Weird, right?

But at work, you were either running to or from a meeting, having to go out to find lunch, or not even getting a chance to eat because you were so super busy! Aaaaah, those were the days….when we all had a L.I.F.E.! Albeit stressful, tiring and a little frustrating at times, it was still yours to do with what you chose. Now, you can’t do anything at all!

I have to admit, I do miss the chaos of fighting for a seat on the train (1 of the 3 trains in total I take to and from work) and then having to deal with someone’s shoulder bag resting on “my” shoulder because the train is so crowded, or standing in line at your favorite coffee shop for 20 mins. because there’s absolutely no way “Joe’s Cup o’ Joe” can even come CLOSE to Starbucks, and lest we forget the crowded elevator in your office building and your fight to get on because your office is past the 40th floor and you really can’t afford to wait 10 mins. for the next one! Why? Because you didn’t have TIME!

Now, all we have IS time! I hope you ladies are making the best of it. I’ve been working to have healthier skin and hair. My absolute "must haves" now include apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, green tea and kombucha! Yes, I’m cleaning and repairing everything from "tha roota to tha toota"!

When I’m finally able to emerge after the lockdown, I'll be a brand new woman; a newly blossomed flower! Look out wenches….BrownGurls are in da’ building and we ain’t playin’ no games!

That said, be well brown beauties and stay positive. Chat with you 'gurls' soon – muuuaaahhhh!

P.S. Yes, that’s me in both pics – the "immediately after" & "after-after" face peel pics from January 2015. It's a long story, which I will save for a later date! :)


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