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Coronavirus: BrownGurls Remain Strong

Over the past month we’ve been introduced to and are now dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19). This virus has changed the way we look at life. Our general freedoms have been essentially placed ‘on hold’ in an attempt to curtail the rise of infection.

Many of you, myself included, are hoping things will get back to normal -- soon. I mean after all how long can this realistically go on?! It almost feels like a bad dream we have yet to awaken from. Many of you are now working from home, but there are just as many of you who are not because of the nature of your jobs. Thankfully, the federal government has ordered employers to continue paying their employees their full pay during this time, regardless.

I will be the first to admit that this virus has made me more appreciative -- we tend to take our everyday freedoms for granted and never, if rarely, stop to think: “What if?” It’s one thing to “choose” to stay home and do nothing, but something else entirely when told you “have” to.

During this time, I ask that each of you make use of this “global hiatus”, so to speak, from the daily stressors of life -- working, commuting, etc. and use it to do something positive. Learn a new trade, read a few books, reach out to friends and loved ones who you have not connected with in some time, get more in touch with yourself, reconnect with your religious beliefs, etc.

This is the time now to reset and begin anew. I wish each and every one of you happiness and health! And for those of you who are sick…….a speedy recovery; be well BrownGurls!


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