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The BrownGurl Story

In June 2013, I decided to begin my natural hair journey. Little did I know how much of an effect this decision would have on my life. "Going natural" encouraged me to look at myself in a way I never have. What initially began as a journey about hair soon became a journey of self-discovery.
Who knew such a journey would become one of the greatest teaching moments in my life? It encouraged me to love and embrace the woman I am from the top of my kinkiest curl to the tip of my toes. The brown gurl attributes I once deemed deficits were now assets, and for the first time in my life, I truly saw a beautiful black woman.
It was at that moment the BrownGurl Collection was created. I wanted to share that same pride and beauty with other women of color. Today, the BrownGurl Collection is an extension of that realization. It's a reminder that brown gurls truly are beautiful!
With sassy yet playful phrases and statements, the BrownGurl brand will delight all those who encounter it. For the brown gurl herself, they are a statement that's powerful, witty, and true to life. For me, they are a lifesaving endeavor.

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